The objective of Eso Kichu Kori (EKK)'s Project MEDHA is to facilitate social and economic development of an economically backward community through creation of an environment for better acceptance of social parameters like education through a potential agent by continuously creating greater scopes for economic development and social restructuring of the community in a sustainable way. 

Identification of potential agent

After the publication of the result of Madhyamik examination, the list of high ranked meritorious students is obtained from reliable and authentic sources. A potential agent is such a student with weak financial background. We aim to uplift not only him/her but his/her entire community through him/her.


Selection of beneficiaries is made by the internal selection committee, on merit-cum-need basis, subject to willingness of the family of the student. The selection is done on verification of the information regarding the financial condition of these students.

Medha Phase-I

A list of authenticated students is prepared and those students are awarded an annual scholarship (in terms of books, stationeries and all other necessary articles) for each of the two years under Higher Secondary studies. They are monitored for these couple of years and necessary guidance is provided as and when required.

Medha Phase-II

A smaller group of students are selected on the basis of their performances in the first year, financial requirements for studies and overall attitude by a rigorous internal assessment. They are awarded a monthly scholarship. The recipients of the scholarships shall be obligated to voluntarily provide tuition to a group of four-five similar economically backward students of a lower class. This is mandatory for the monthly scholarship holders. The monthly beneficiaries will be bound to provide such tuitions, to participate in awareness programs and not to take any financial help from other sources, except Government.

Medha Phase-III

Community development is a continuous and dynamic process. The requirement for intervention varies from community to community. Hence, community development plans are framed as per requirement. Medha phase-II scholars work as the representative of the society in different awareness programs undertaken by the society in that area.

Study Tours

The students scattered in the remote villages of West Bengal can be accompanied, but not besides, with only financial aid, books, calculators, or words of sympathy. EKK wants to be with them. That's why as an integral part of the project, every year the members and volunteers of EKK visit every student's house and want to understand the daily problems that hinder their studies.